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Set of Small Mixed Hair Art Brushes
Set of Small Mixed Hair Art Brushes

Chinese Art Brushes for Brush Painting

Chinese Art Brushes
We offer a large and high quality selection of Chinese art brushes priced to meet the needs of both professional artists and amatuers. Every brush listed on this website is designed for both fine art and writing calligraphy, though some may be better suited for a given purpose. On this site you will only find natural animal hair bristle brushes, we do not sell any Chinese art brushes made using synthetic bristles.

If you would like more information about a specific item you may read the details of each listing to learn whether an individual art brush is best suited for painting, calligraphy or both.

Featured Chinese Art Brush Set
Chinese Art Brush Set - King of Brushes Chinese Art Brush Set - King of Brushes

The Chinese art brushes in this high quality set are made of fine quality wolf tail hair and the first time you use one you will know instantly why they are known as the King of Brushes.

These brushes are made exclusively for the owners of this site by the Zou Jie Long brush house, a specialty Chinese art and calligraphy brush manufacturer in China. You will be hard pressed to find a better quality set of brushes at this price.

Chinese Art Brush Specifications:
Total Length: Largest Brush is 10.5 inches long.
Brush Tip: .5 inches wide and 1 5/8 inches long.
Hairs Used: Premium wolf tail hair.

Please Note: These brushes are HANDMADE, limited stock is available. For large quantities please contact us before ordering so that we may have these brushes made for you.

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Looking for a Specific Chinese Art Brush?

If you are looking for a specific Chinese art brush and you don't see it listed please contact us and we may be able to find one for you, or even have it custom made. We have staff in Beijing, China who can find virtually any brush you need.


Wholesale Quantities of Chinese Art Brushes

If you would like to purchase wholesale quantities of Chinese art brushes please contact us for pricing and shipping information. We can provide you with pricing and additional details for any art brush listed on this site. All of the products listed ship directly from China.


Chinese Art Brush Information

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