Chinese Art Brush Set - King of Brushes
King of brushes is a natural wolf hair brush, and this set includes three Chinese art brushes for fine calligraphy and watercolor painting on rice paper or other materials. The bristles of these artist brushes are made of only wolf tail hair, which is the finest of all wolf hairs. Each Chinese art brush in this set is made of the finest quality wolf tail hair, the first time you use one you will know instantly why they are known as the King of Brushes.

This is a truly fine Chinese art brush set suitable for professional artists, at a very reasonable price considering the very high quality of these brushes.

Size of Largest Brush in Set:
Total Length: 10.5 inches
Brush Tip: .5 inches wide and 1 5/8 inches long.
Hairs Used: Only Premium Wolf Tail Hair.

Please Note: Brush size and color may vary slightly as each brush in this set is hand made.

Item Size/Details

Item Number: cab-a149

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