Jade Buddha Handle Chinese Art Brush
This jade Buddha handle Chinese art brush is a good feng shui decor item for almost any room. jade is a symbol of happiness and brings you good luck. This is a very good feng shui decor item, the jade Buddha art brush in your home or office will protect you from harm and bring you greater wealth.

In China they believe jade can help the master of a house turn bad luck into good luck. The handle of this Chinese art brush is made using six real green jade Buddha beads and wood. The jade part has a length of 5.4 inches.

Brush is not for painting, only as a decor item.

Art Decor Brush Specifications:
Total Length: 12 inches
Brush Tip Width: .8 inches
Brush Tip Length: 3 inches
Hairs Used: bear Hair
Brush Handle: Chinese green jade and wood

Item Size/Details

Item Number: cab-4555
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