Mixed Hair Set of Three Chinese Art Brushes
This set of three Chinese art brushes for calligraphy and brush painting. The bristles of the brushes in this set are made of weasel and squirrel hair. This very high quality set of three Chinese art brushes is made of fine hair, natural bamboo and cattle horn and good for calligraphy and paintings.

The calligraphy on the handles was hand carved in Chinese, which means Chinese calligraphy painting brush and Chinese calligraphy association supervised manufacture.

Please Note: Brush sizes and colors may vary as each brush in this set is hand made in China.

Item Size/Details

Brush Length: 11 inches
Bristle Length: 2 3/8 Inches
Bristle Width: 1/2 Inch
Bristle Hair: Wolf and Squirrel Mix
Brush Handle: Wood
Item Number: 5065

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